Can I bring my laptop / phone?


Can I bring my phone/laptop?

When you go to rehab, your purpose is to get better and not to have any distractions that are going to set you back. Your life has actually ended up being uncontrollable and has kept you from functioning properly due to your addiction. There are rehab centers that allow cell phones but for many reasons, rehabs ask that you leave any valuables (like laptops, computers and cellphones) at home and if you do decide to bring them, they will be stored away in a safe place until you are out of treatment. The truth of the matter is that when you’re addicted to something you will do anything to get to your drug of choice. When doing this, you are actually lying, stealing, and cheating your way to it. All rehab centers have their own guidelines that they follow. Many rehab centers do not ban cell phone usage, however they do control use, especially if you’re early in the treatment process. Rehab centers are more than happy to discuss their rules and guidelines prior to clients getting treatment. Not having access to your cell phone helps you to stay away (mentally, physically and psychologically) from people and places that tempt or can trigger your addiction.

Individuals having to utilize other electronic devices such as e-mail and the web for work may be allowed to do so, again under certain circumstances and within certain time frames. Electronic availability and other action differs among centers and depends on the person. Aside from cell phones and the majority of inpatient rehab centers, they give you time to communicate every week allowing you to remain in touch with your loved ones. Guests may bring other electronic devices, for their convenience, but again each center is different and the facility will be happy to help answer any questions ahead of time.

In addition, and not only being a distraction from treatment, cellphones can bring stress and other issues along with them. There are important lessons to learn and other concerns need to be set aside for the time being. Effective rehab treatments want guests to participate. No matter what they are utilized for, cellphones prevent individuals from completely applying themselves to recovery.

What will happen if I sneak my cellphone and get caught with it?

What’s the point of sneaking in your phone when some facilities allow you to bring them or use them during certain times. Make it easier on yourself and follow the rules. You’re here to make yourself better and get your life together. So with doing this, your only hurting yourself. It is very easy to follow rules if your dedicated and wanting to change your lifestyle.

What most rehabs recommend you to bring?

Each rehab’s policies are different and some are stricter than others. For the most part, it’s recommended to bring the following:

-State issued picture I.D. (Driver’s License or Passport) and insurance card

– A list of names, addresses and contact numbers of those you want to have actually associated with your treatment (loved ones, health care specialists, 12 action sponsors, and so on).

-Stamps for mailing letters and postcards.

-An alarm clock if your facility does not provide them.

-Medication in original bottles.

-Money for treatment, medication or items you will need to restock on (some treatment centers do not allow cash so you’ll need a reusable debit card or credit card) Call the treatment center to confirm what is allowed.

– A note pad or journal.

– Your rehab will most likely have reading material but if you’d like bring your own, as they tend to be therapeutic. (Paperback books are recommended)

Suggested clothing:

1. Casual and appropriate tops or T-shirts Appropriate length shorts.

2. Jeans

3. Sweatpants and comfy clothes

4. Bathing Suit (usually one pieces are required)

5. Tank Tops (thick straps – no spaghetti straps or tube tops)

6. Sneakers, beach shoes, slippers if preferred (no high heels)

7. Appropriate undergarments must be worn at all times.

8. One or two long sleeve shirts.

9. Jacket

Any clothing that is see through, low-cut, or skin tight is considered inappropriate. As well as any type of clothing that promotes sex, drugs, alcohol, offensive messages, violence, etc.

Personal hygiene and beauty products suggested to pack?


Most rehabs require all toiletries and beauty products to be completely alcohol-free. Others willallow you to bring products that do not have alcohol listed in the first three ingredients. Aerosols are not allowed.

Bring 30 days worth of important items like:

• deodorant

• toothbrush and toothpaste

• shampoo and conditioner

• Feminine products

Some facilities may offer basic toiletries but bring any products that you think you may need during your stay.

Items not to bring:

1. alcohol or drugs

2. addicting or narcotic prescriptions (not prescribed)

3. weapons

4. Provocative clothing (including but not limited to: leggings, short shorts, skirts, dresses, low cut tops, form-fitting or tank tops, strapless or midriff shirts, heels)

5. Aerosols or any toiletries containing alcohol

6. Food or snacks

7. Pornography

8. electronics

9. Games and Playing Cards

10. Valuables (including jewelry)

11. Clothing, magazines, books or other items that promote sex, drugs or alcohol

Some allow these items, others do not

What you might be able to bring:

Some rehabs allow these items, and others don’t. Here’s what you’ll want to ask about.

· Computers and cell phones: Many rehab centers will ban or restrict personal computers and cell phones. Others will let you bring them, but only use them during certain time periods.

· Tobacco: If you’re not ready to quit smoking, some facilities will let you continue smoking outdoors, or at certain times and places.

· Bedding: Many rehab centers will let you bring your bedding or at least a pillow or blanket.

· CD player or mp3

· Disposable razors and nail clippers: Usually, rehab clinics will allow these, but only if you check them out before your shower and return them directly after.

Each treatment center has their own policies, so some rehabs may prohibit an item that is allowed at another. Many items are not allowed period, but the following items may be allowed at some facilities:

• Cell phone and laptop. If your rehab allows these items, you will most likely only have access to them at certain times.

• Cigarettes. If you smoke, some facilities will allow you to bring cigarettes. These centers usually have a limit on how many cartons you can bring.

• Vitamins and over the counter medications. These must be new and unopened.

• Gum. Must be unopened and sealed.

• MP3 player or CD player: Devices without internet access or speakers may be allowed.

• Camera

• Internet cable

• Disposable/ electric razor: Although these can be extremely dangerous, disposable razors are usually allowed

• Nail clippers: they are banned from most facilities but some will allow them

• Bedding: You may be able to bring blankets, pillows, or any items to make you feel more at home

Make sure to check with your rehab to make sure these items are ok before packing them.

Again, some centers will allow these items, If not they may store them for you, or if they wont, you can ask if they’ll ship them home for you.

Don’t forget to wrap up things at home


Make sure your family is aware of the situation and where you are going before you leave because some rehab centers won’t allow any phone calls for the first few days, and you won’t have any way to reach them.

Also, if you have an honest friend or family member, ask if they’d be willing to look after your home and check your mail while you are gone.

Items not to bring:

· Games, card decks, and sporting equipment: the facility may provide games and equipment for designated downtime.

· Drugs and alcohol: You’re goal being here is to recover. If you’re afraid of cutting it off cold turkey, talk to your doctors. They may be able to help you through withdrawal symptoms with medication.

· Cosmetics or cleaning supplies with alcohol: This includes nail polish and nail polish remover.

· Electronic cigarettes

· Weapons or sharp objects

· Electronics: cell phones, TVs, video games, DVDs, etc. (Depending on the facility)

· Pornographic material

· Food and drinks

If I bring an items not prohibited, what will happen?

If you arrive at your center and realize you’ve packed something that isn’t allowed, don’t worry! Most rehabs will send prohibited items home with the person who brought you. Others will hold your items for 24 hours until someone comes to pick them up. In some cases, your center may store the items for you until you leave. If you’re traveling by plane it may be a little more difficult to get you’re belongings back.


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